Carnwath Woodchip

Biomass woodchip is an efficient and sustainable source of fuel, they have a controlled size and moisture content providing a more uniform burn and a steadier flame. Our wood chip has a moisture content of below 30%.

We wish to deliver our customers the best possible personal service and are more than happy to come out, assess and tailor your needs, discuss delivery and answer any questions you may have.

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A wide range of haulage solutions are available, from 10 or 20 cubic meter loads delivered by tractor and trailer, 22 cubic meter bulk 8 wheeled tipper and full Artic loads of around 90 cubic meters. We prefer to sell material by volume rather than weight as we believe this is the most consistent and transparent way to sell our products. Even slight fluctuation in moisture content has a direct effect on sales by weight and no one likes paying for water although if sale by weight is preferred, we can accommodate.