Bathgate – Softwood Firewood Logs

Some people believe you should not use softwood logs because they believe that they create more creosote residue. All wood creates creosote. Creosote is condensation of small unburned particles in the smoke that coats the chimney surface as it exits.

Properly seasoned, dry softwood logs produce a hotter fire, the smoke travels faster allowing less time for condensation. Correctly storing your logs, cleaning your chimney once a year, more often for heavy use, is key no matter which type of wood you burn.

A mix of softwood and hardwood is often regarded as the optimum. Due to the fact that softwood trees mature much quicker than hardwood trees it therefore a much more sustainable source of wood.

Our firewood can be uplifted from our yard by prior arrangement, delivered directly to you as a loose load tipped as access allows or placed by our most popular option in bulk bags which can be left in a location to suit providing access is possible for our pallet truck.

We would be delighted to discuss all options in order that we can provide the best solution to suit your individual circumstances.

Softwood logs are generally supplied in 250mm (10inch) lengths to suit the vast majority of stoves and fires. Should you require something different, we would be happy to take orders for different length logs up to a maximum of 500mm (20inch) to suit log boilers and can provide this as BSL accredited fuel for customers who are part of the RHI scheme.

Scotland Firewood Softwood Logs Sale