About Us

We are a small family run business and love the idea of sustainable fuels. We have installed and operate our own biomass boiler as part of the RHI scheme which in turn led us to set up our storage, drying and processing facility so we can produce quality woodfuel from our very own sustainable managed woodland.

Biomass Woodchips

Biomass woodchip is an efficient and sustainable source of  fuel. It has a controlled size and moisture content providing a more uniform burn and a steadier flame. Our woodchip has a moisture content of below 30%.

We wish to deliver our customers the best possible personal service and are more than happy to come and visit you in order to discuss and asses your fuel and delivery requirements, answering any questions you may have. Our aim is to provide tailored solutions to your individual woodfuel needs.

Simply call or email to arrange a suitable appointment.

Softwood Logs

It is a common misconception that burning softwood logs creates a resin or creosote residue within the chimney. Infact all wood can create this. It is condensation of small unburned particles in the smoke that coats the chimney surface as it exits. Properly seasoned and dried softwood logs actually produce a hotter fire very quickly and so the smoke travels faster allowing less time for condensation.

Actually softwood is great for burning, but as with all firewood, is has to be dried properly to below 20% moisture content. Some species actually  have a higher calorific value in comparison to hardwoods per ton. Being less dense of course , you do need more in terms of volume for the same weight or energy output.

For use in stoves and boilers, some manufacturers actually recommend softwood over hardwood due to the increased performance.

We believe hardwood or a mix for open fires is the ideal simply because it is easier to control the speed of burn, with less chance of sparking.

Correctly storing your logs, cleaning your chimney once a year, more often for heavy use, is key no matter which type of wood you burn.

A mix is often regarded as the optimum although of course, due to the fact that softwood trees mature much quicker than hardwood trees,  softwood is a much more sustainable source of firewood.

Scotland Firewood Softwood Logs Sale

Biomass Suppliers Accreditation

The Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) is a list of Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) eligible woodfuels. Fuel types registered on the BSL include: logs; woodchip; wood pellets; and wood briquettes.

The aim of the BSL is to provide RHI participants with a simple way to demonstrate that their fuel complies with the RHI Sustainability Criteria for woodfuel.

The RHI Sustainability Criteria focuses on two elements: sustainability and legality.

Blackcastle Woodlands are a proud member of the Biomass Suppliers List which can be found here – Click here.

Firewood (virgin force dried) BSL0349117-0001
Woodchip (virgin force dried) BSL 0349117-0002