We harvest our timber and woodfuel is produced in the timber yard situated at the heart of our own privately managed and maintained woodlands. It is supplemented as required with Scottish sustainably sourced timber.

About Us

We love the idea of sustainable fuels. Having installed our own biomass boiler, it’s operation as part of the RHI scheme led us to set up our own storage, drying and processing facility so we can produce quality BSL accredited woodfuel from our very own sustainable managed woodland.


Sustainable Wood Fuel from our own privately managed and maintained woodlands. We are focused on the “localness” of our service – timber is sourced from our own local woodlands and quality is paramount.


Scotland Firewood Softwood Logs Sale

We produce our firewood from harvesting, splitting, drying to delivery for our customers taking the greatest care to get it there in the best possible burning condition.

Biomass Suppliers Accreditation

The Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) is a list of Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) eligible woodfuels. Fuel types registered on the BSL include: logs; woodchip; wood pellets; and wood briquettes.

The aim of the BSL is to provide RHI participants with a simple way to demonstrate that their fuel complies with the RHI Sustainability Criteria for woodfuel.

The RHI Sustainability Criteria focuses on two elements: sustainability and legality.

Blackcastle Woodlands are a proud member of the Biomass Suppliers List which can be found here – Click here.

Firewood (virgin force dried) BSL0349117-0001
Woodchip (virgin force dried) BSL 0349117-0002

Firewood Processor, Log Deck & Operator

Our machine is supplied with an operator and can be set up at your premises to process fallen and stacked lengths of wood into logs for use in stoves, fires and Biomass boilers, in a safe and efficient operation.

Chainsaw & Operator

We can be hired to fell trees, cut lengths to size and work along side the firewood processor and log deck.